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Looking for tarmacadam surfacing in the North East, Yorkshire or Scotland at reasonable rates? Armstrong's Roads & Driveways (Darlington) have over 30 years surfacing experience behind them. From the smallest driveway repairs, to  the biggest commercial tarmac & surface dressing contracts, we have the equipment and the know-how to work safely, efficiently and most importantly, cost effectively. Contact us when you need a new asphalt or tarmac driveway in York, Durham, Newcastle, Glasgow & Edinburgh areas (further afield by arrangement).

Tarmac driveways cost less per square metre than most other driveway surfaces, they're low maintenance, long lasting (15 to 20+ years) & durable. Tarmac also performs well in colder climates like we experience in the UK. So, what's involved in preparing an area for tarmacadam? Or Asphalt? What's the difference? To the layman they look the same, however there are subtle differences. Asphalt is made up of crushed gravel and bitumen, whereas tarmac uses natural tar to bind crushed stones, sand & aggregate together.  The word 'macadam' comes from John Loudon McAdam, a Scottish engineer who pioneered the method of road construction; only later did tar get introduced by Londoner John Casell, who used it to seal the macadam roads to prevent dust and rutting. Finally, in 1901, Edgar Holley patented the 'tarmacadam' process, which involved the mechanical mixing of the tar and aggregate before it was laid, then compacting it with a roller. The tar mix was modified by adding cement, and pitch; the first true tarmac road was Nottingham's Radcliffe Road in 1902. As a rule of thumb, Armstrong's Roads & Driveways use tarmac for domestic/private works, and asphalt for commercial jobs and pathways. Tarmac can be laid on top of existing driveways, provided they're in relatively sound condition. Cracks have to be made good, weeds suppressed & edging needs to be looked at; If it's a new driveway, or if the old one is poor, excavation will be required to a depth of around 180mm; then a sub base of crushed stone is laid, which needs compacting before laying the tarmac. Clubbing together with neighbours wanting new driveways or paths too can significantly reduce laying costs, because tarmac's always bought in bulk;

Tarmacking ISN'T a job for amateurs or DIY. It takes skill, patience, specialist tools and heavy equipment. It's one of the cheapest driveway surfaces out there, hence it's popularity, so.....

    How much does it cost to tarmac a drive?

    How much does it cost to Tarmac A Drive?

    Armstrong's Roads & Driveways charge the same for Asphalt or Tarmac. Costs depend on preparation work needed, access for plant & machinery, driveway size and/or the proximity of other jobs, oil prices, colours (tarmac doesn't always have to be black!) and numbers of layers. Two tarmac layers are normal, the base around 60mm and the second layer or 'wearing course' as its usually known, 10mm. What's best for your site? Contact Armstrong's Roads & Driveways & we'll come and have a look. Our advice is FREE & QUOTATIONS are at no obligation, Simply click the regional office call button to get straight though to your local tarmac and asphalt estimator, email us, or use the contact form.

    Re-Instatement & Insurance Work

    A significant part of our business is planned maintenance, insurance work, emergency repairs & road re-instatement.  When your driveway, footpath, patio or yard starts showing signs of deterioration, get in touch at the earliest opportunity to prevent further damage. We can cut out the affected areas, backfill the pothole then restore the surface to as good as new, at a fraction of the cost of a full re-surfacing job. Common callouts are to poorly installed driveways which may be sinking or rutting, damage caused by weather, chemical or oil spillages on tarmac, as well as subsidence caused by heavy vehicles especially in turning areas. Whatever your surfacing problem, Armstrong's Roads & Driveways can provide a solution. We're on call 24/7 with night crews available to minimise disruption for businesses. Hit the MOBILE CALL OUT BUTTON for immediate response or for less urgent inquiries, fill out the form.

    Block Paving ruttingBlock Paving Drive re-instatement works North EastOld tarmacadam car park in Glasgow coned off ready for tarmac repair8 wheeler tipping tarmacadam in GlasgowArmstrong's Roads & Driveways crew levelling tarmac for a car park repair in ScotlandNew tarmacadam surfacing in Glasgow ScotlandBlock Paving Repair WorkBlock Paving repair completeTarmac yard re-instatement work NewcastleRoad Roller working on factory yard repairs in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UKair in Newcastle-Upon-TyneTarmac repairs ScotlandCommercial yard & roadway tarmacadam repair in Hamilton GlasgowNew tar paving in Hamilton Scotland by Armstrong's Roads & Driveways
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